Software Development

Development | Testing | Deployment

Sleeve enhances the software development and testing process, offering a platform that streamlines collaboration, debugging, and deployment across distributed teams and various environments while supporting agile methodologies and continuous delivery. 


Facilitate your development process entirely within a browser. Initiate all tooling within cloud-based or edge environments, maintaining direct connections to both physical and simulated devices.


Employ automated CI/CD workflows with executable pipelines that integrate smoothly with your existing suite of development tools.


Efficiently monitor and deploy software updates to devices located anywhere in the world, streamlining your deployment cycle.

Device & Fleet Management

Management | Maintenance| Monitoring

Sleeve revolutionizes remote fleet management, providing a unified platform for monitoring, maintenance, and control of diverse device fleets, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability.


control of remote fleet assets


monitoring and maintenance tasks


support, avoid travel and logistics


operational efficiency and reliability


to diverse fleet compositions and needs


Training | Tuition | Support

Sleeve serves as a valuable educational and training tool, offering a platform for hands-on experience with real and virtual hardware, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application in electronics and software development.


 your customers & employees within individual workspaces

Hands-on experience

with physical or virtual hardware along your solutions


theoretical and practical aspects of your offering


remote, interactive educational experiences


Demonstration | Insights | Trials

Sleeve provides an effective platform for system demonstration and evaluation, enabling in-depth analysis of software, hardware, and integrated systems.
With Sleeve, companies can let their customers directly access and test their products via a web browser.

No More Slide Wars

Let customers evaluate your systems capabilities in real conditions

Customer Engagement

Facilitate customer engagement and gather valuable feedback

Sales Acceleration

Support sales acquisitions with hands-on demonstrations

Product Understanding

Enhance product understanding and decision-making for clients


Forget sending evaluation kits around the globe


Workspaces | Tooling | Devices

Sleeve paves the way for the digitalization of legacy systems or whole workspaces, offering a bridge between traditional systems and modern digital workflows, thus enhancing operational efficiency and future-proofing technologies.


Elevate any device and respective tooling into a digital workspace


Bridge traditional hardware with digital workflows

Future Proof

Enhance operational efficiency and technology longevity


Simplify the integration of both legacy and cutting-edge systems

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