The Solution

We addressed these challenges by inventing a platform with centralized and decentralized device management, a booking system for streamlined access and the capabilities to host any software tools and development environments without
the need of local PC installations.

All components should be dynamically allocated and interconnectable via virtual workspaces, accessible via a simple web browser. 


The core of Sleeve consists of two primary components: Sleeve Hub and Sleeve Dock.

This setup facilitates location-Independent creation, duplication, simultaneous access, and automation of individual workspaces containing devices and tools, promoting global collaboration and supporting existing DevOps processes.

Sleeve Hub

Centralized Command Center

Sleeve Hub, hosted in the cloud, is serving as a centralized hub for individual workspaces, managing all facets of software development and device management.

This robust, browser-based interface enables seamless integration and configuration of an array of development tools, IDEs, CLIs, containers, virtual machines, physical and virtual devices. It features capabilities such as hourly booking
and real-time collaboration, establishing a single point of control for your hardware and software ecosystem.

Sleeve Dock

Connectivity and Integration

Hosted at the edge, Sleeve Dock is pivotal in providing connectivity to physical hardware, hosting needed software tools and also virtual devices, seamlessly linking management and development environments with the operational infrastructure.

Sleeve Dock streamlines software deployment and facilitates real-time interaction between tools, development environments and connected devices of any kind, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted operations.

Virtual Workspaces

Sleeve embodies the essence of virtual workspaces linked to assigned devices, where each workspace is crafted with a series of actions within a workflow pipeline. These actions seamlessly launch specific software tools or execute commands, ensuring an efficient workflow experience for each environment.

With Sleeve technology, the execution of individual workspaces can be automated into workflows and easily integrated into CI/CD pipelines, offering an individual, streamlined and user-friendly approach. This provides the flexibility to freely create and modify tailored workspaces avoiding vendor lock-in, empowering users with a perfectly tailored up-to-date working environment while also allowing immediate sharing and collaboration with other stakeholders worldwide.


Our platform seamlessly blends innovation with user-friendly technology, enhancing efficiency and fostering global collaboration. Delve into each feature to see how Sleeve is transforming the development landscape.

Centralized Control

bringing everything under one roof, no more juggling between tools and devices

All-in-Browser Access

allowing global access to development tools and resources through any web browser

Direct Connectivity

to physical devices for real-time interaction within Sleeve workspaces

Customizable Workspaces

digitalize your lab and provide immediate copies to team members in a matter of minutes

Digital Twin and Virtual Devices

can be easily integrated and connected to SW tools, and physical devices endless possibilities

Infrastructure-as-Code Support

for managing and provisioning of infrastructure through code instead of manual processes


of any Windows- or Linux based software tool and development environment

Scheduling and Booking

to manages device and tool access, preventing conflicts and ensuring availability

Security by Design

with industry-leading encryption, ensuring
safe and secure data exchanges across networks

Real-time Collaboration

enabling teams to share workspaces and tools instantly, expediting project efficiency

Multi-Team and Multi-Project Support

for managing worldwide teams and projects, offering dedicated resources and workspaces

User Management

capabilities in Sleeve provide secure, role-based access to devices and tools

Dynamic Environment Switching

between development, testing, and production environments

Customizable Workflows

tailored to specific project- and development processes, enabling a steep learning curve


of actions and CI/CD pipelines enables consistent, reliable parallel builds and deployments

Health & Ressource Monitoring

offers insights into device and system performance including notifications

Over-the-Air (OTA)

capabilities ensuring devices are always up-to-date and aligned with project requirements.

Fleet & Device Management

offering easy administration of distributed device assets across fleets and farms

Rapid Prototyping

enables immediate sharing of prototype devices with zero delay from release to access

Customizable Dashboards

for a clear view of project metrics and device statuses, tailoring to meet your unique needs

Tooling and Software Integration

ensures compatibility and coherence with existing development ecosystems


Sleeve supports both in one platform, a transformative shift-left approach to software development as well as a highly-efficient shift-right approach towards device management.
All while preserving full configuration and integration capabilities.

90% Less Overhead

Minimize logistics, configuration, maintenance, and on-site setup times for tools and prototype devices with Sleeve’s cloud-based solution. Substantially enhancing efficiency and sustainability while effectively preventing delays.

Platform Adaptability and Scalability

Sleeve’s architecture inherently supports on-demand scalability, adapting to various industries and the growth of parallel projects and use-cases with ease. The platform is meticulously designed and is able to maintain performance,
even under the strain of increased loads.

Independence without Vendor Lock-In

Sleeve fosters freedom and flexibility by integrating with a wide range of industry-leading technologies. Our platform supports the virtualization of various IDEs, development tools, and both virtual and physical targets, ensuring
an open and versatile environment. Customers can effortlessly tailor their setup to specific needs without being constrained by vendor lock-in. Sleeve’s approach promotes adaptability and user-centric solutions, empowering clients
to innovate without limitationss

Reduce Cost & Time to Market

Sleeve reduces development efforts by enabling access to physical prototypes without delays, alongside consistent tooling environments, automated workflows and parallel HW/SW development. This approach accelerates market readiness
by minimizing logistical hurdles and on-site testing requirements. The integration of digital twins and virtual environments further boosts cost savings, facilitating a faster and way more economical route to market completion.

100% Device Utilization

Maximize resource efficiency, significantly reducing setup times and devices needed. Sleeve’s quick and parallel ability of deployment of development environments and centralized device management empowers teams to prioritize and accelerate
what matters: innovation.

Get everybody in the loop

Sleeve ensures that all stakeholders in a development project are consistently on the same page. By integrating collaborative workflows and pipelines with consistent tools, methods and targets, it ensures that every participant works with
the same set of resources, dramatically reducing inconsistencies and the likelihood of errors. This cohesive approach bridges geographical gaps, saves a vast amount of alignment time and enhances the overall efficiency and success of
multi-stakeholder projects.

Commitment to Sustainability

Dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of development activities and Device Management, Sleeve’s cloud-based platform eliminates the need for widespread physical prototypes, reduces travel for on-site testing and maintenance, and
reduces the energy requirements with logistics or maintaining multiple development environments.

By integrating Sleeve into your operations, your organization is investing in a platform that promises a sustainable and efficient future for all-in software development.

Where Sleeve Excels


Sleeve ensures effortless access to your development environment, offering seamless, browser-based interactions with devices and tools, anywhere and anytime.


Sleeve fosters unmatched collaboration, enabling real-time, global teamwork and shared access to resources, streamlining your development process.


With Sleeve, effortlessly scale your projects. Our platform adapts to growing demands, ensuring consistent performance and flexibility for teams of any size.


Embrace eco-friendly development with Sleeve, reducing physical resource needs and carbon footprint while optimizing energy efficiency in your projects.

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