Sleeve and Vector Informatik Unveil New Joint White Paper

Sleeve GmbH and Vector Informatik GmbH are proud to announce the release of a joint white paper showcasing the integration of Sleeve’s remote embedded development platform with Vector’s TA Tool Suite and Infineon AURIX TC397.

This comprehensive document offers valuable insights into the future of collaborative embedded systems development.

Revolutionizing Remote Development

The white paper demonstrates how Sleeve’s cloud-native platform, combined with Vector’s advanced timing analysis tools, transforms remote development processes. This integration leverages edge computing to optimize resource utilization, streamline tooling updates, and enhance collaboration in distributed environments.

Key Features:

    > Simplified Remote Timing Analysis: Conduct efficient timing analysis on remote targets with minimal setup requirements.

    > Scalable Multi-user Collaboration: Instantly accommodate multiple users concurrently, fostering teamwork and productivity.

    > Centralized Tool Management: Ensure all team members access the latest tools and updates, maintaining consistency across projects.

    Practical Implementation and Advantages

    The paper presents a detailed use case integrating Vector’s TA Tool Suite, Lauterbach TRACE32, and Infineon AURIX TC397 within the Sleeve ecosystem. This setup showcases:

      > Optimized Remote Development Workflows

      > Enhanced Collaboration in Distributed teams

      > Improved Execution and Analysis of Software on Embedded Systems

      Shaping the Future of Embedded Development

      This collaboration between Sleeve and Vector Informatik represents a significant step towards more efficient, flexible, and collaborative embedded systems development. By combining our expertise, we’re creating innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of developers in an increasingly distributed work environment.

      About Sleeve GmbH

      Founded in 2021, Sleeve is a cutting-edge platform-as-a-service (PaaS) startup revolutionizing remote embedded software development, testing, and device management. Our cloud-native platform and edge computing solutions provide customizable virtual workspaces accessible via web browsers.

      About Vector Informatik GmbH

      Vector Informatik is an industry leader in software tools and services for developing and testing electronic systems in automotive and related industries. Our products empower engineers to develop and validate embedded systems with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

      Access the White Paper
      To explore the full potential of this integrated solution, download the complete white paper here.

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