Sleeve Joins SOAFEE Special Interest Group

Pioneering the Future of Software-Defined Vehicles

We are thrilled to announce that Sleeve has officially joined the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) Special Interest Group (SIG). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize remote embedded software development, testing, and device management, particularly in the automotive software-defined vehicle (SDV) sector.

What is SOAFEE?

SOAFEE is an industry-led collaboration between companies across the automotive and technology sectors. Its mission is to build an open-source architecture for software-defined vehicles using cloud-native technologies that accommodate multiple hardware configurations. By making SOAFEE hardware agnostic, the consortium aims to radically simplify vehicle software solutions, thereby accelerating the adoption of industry standards and driving real-world impact.

Why Sleeve and SOAFEE?

Sleeve’s vision aligns perfectly with SOAFEE’s goals. Our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution enhances remote embedded software development and device management by seamlessly integrating third-party software tooling, physical and virtual targets, and development devices into customizable virtual workspaces accessible via a web browser. This agnostic approach, open to all tooling, software, and hardware suppliers, complements SOAFEE’s ethos of flexibility and collaboration.

By joining the SOAFEE Special Interest Group, we aim to collaborate with like-minded partners and contribute our expertise in virtual workspaces and cloud-edge integration. Our platform can serve as the ‘glue code’ to accelerate practical examples and projects within the SOAFEE community, fostering collaboration among distributed teams and stakeholders, regardless of their location or time zone. This partnership will enable us to bring real-world impact through advanced software solutions.

What We Bring to SOAFEE

Global Collaboration: Sleeve enables seamless interaction among distributed teams worldwide, creating a consistent and efficient environment for complex embedded projects.

Resource Optimization: Our platform maximizes the utilization of hardware, cloud resources, and licenses across organizations, reducing costs and accelerating development cycles.

Scalable Innovation: Sleeve integrates digital twins, physical hardware, and development tools in one unified platform, supporting scalable, agile software development.

Industry Alignment: We are committed to incorporating SOAFEE standards into our platform, ensuring alignment with industry best practices and fostering tangible advancements.

Future Prospects

With our inclusion in SOAFEE, we look forward to leveraging this collaboration to further enhance our platform and bring innovative solutions to the automotive industry. Our goal is to accelerate the development and deployment of software-defined vehicles, ultimately driving significant real-world impact.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey with SOAFEE and how we are shaping the future of automotive technology.

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