Sleeve to be part of Leading Lights 2024

🛤️ Next stop: Södertälje, Sweden at Leading Lights 2024 (31.01.2024)

We’re excited to share that Sleeve’s CEO, Emir Causevic, will be contributing as a speaker in the panel discussions, alongside esteemed industry figures like Emil Cerdier (CTO, Berg Propulsion), Arshad Saleem (Head of Battery Technology, Norsk Hydro), and Caroline Viarouge (CEO, EIT Manufacturing).

At Sleeve, we’re not just talking about sustainability. Our approach is action-driven:

• Reduced Physical Resources: Our cloud-based approach significantly reduces the need for a multitude of distributed onsite hardware, lessening the environmental impact.

• Energy Efficiency: Optimizing operations and localization, Sleeve aids in cutting down energy usage and logistics of physical devices, saving time and ultimately aligning with eco-friendly initiatives.

• Less Travel, More Impact: With our remote management capabilities, we’re reducing the necessity for travel and on-site maintenance/support, drastically reducing the carbon footprint.

So, participating in EIT Leading Lights is more than just an event for us. It signifies our dedication to a sustainable future in manufacturing. We firmly believe that the technology we develop today will lay the foundation for a more sustainable and efficient tomorrow.

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