Remote is on-site

Sleeve offers a cutting-edge Platform-as-a-Service solution for global access to distributed infrastructure. It empowers users with seamless virtualization of workspaces directly within their web browsers, facilitating interaction with remote devices, digital twins, and remote data – all within one unified platform.

Our Approach

Remote Access

Sleeve allows worldwide access to virtual workspaces and thus to any infrastructure regardless of their location. 

Work like you have your complete lab right in front of you, securely accessed from anywhere with digital twins, data and familiar tooling interconnected to all your hardware components.

Virtual Workspaces

Our platform helps companies of various industries to access, create and share virtual workspaces containing any combination of virtual targets, physical hardware and 3rd party software tools – in minutes. 

Build and maintain a full blown workspace for a specific role once and roll it out to dozens of distinct worldwide users, utilizing your infrastructure resources to the absolute fullest.

One Platform, all Infrastructure

Sleeve’s platform offers a unified interface for remote access to hardware devices, digital twins, and development tools within virtual workspaces. Our solution helps avoiding vendor lock-ins while drastically reducing prototype costs, software development efforts, and project delays, ultimately leading to an accelerated time-to-market from simple to highly complex projects.

Created to solve real problems

Reduce Prototype Unavailability

The Problem

In projects with worldwide distributed teams and stakeholders, defect, lost or unavailable prototype hardware can cause unnecessary waiting times which stack up with every development cycle.

The Solution

Sleeve allows unified management and access of prototype hardware, allowing to book and access latest functional prototypes and respective devices 24/7, without having to worry about logistics.


The Problem

Inconsistent software tooling and methodologies in distributed teams, immense local setup and onboarding times, inabilities to recreate issues, all eventually leading to chain delays and SOP endangerment.

The Solution

Sleeve streamlines 3rd party software tooling to allow consistency while having everybody on the same page aka infrastructure. Virtual workspaces are spawned in minutes to onboard and start working immediately and collaboratively throughout all project phases.

Fully Leverage
Available Ressources

The Problem

Available infrastructure like 3rd party software licenses, virtual targets, evaluation boards and prototype hardware is not utilized in an optimal way, neglecting severe cost savings potential.

The Solution

With Sleeve, available infrastructure can be fully utilized, e.g. for teams in various time zones. Users start where they have left and unused SW licenses are a thing of the past. 

We specialize in enhancing remote embedded software development, testing and device management.

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